Retrieving revenue for retail clients
Retrieving revenue for medical clients
Retrieving revenue for commercial clients
Retrieving revenue for retail, medical and commercial clients


Service, Service, Service.

Credit Bureau of Bismarck, Inc. and Professional Check Services will help your business in all areas of collections by collecting account receivables, NSF and closed account checks.  You will no longer have to use 2 agencies for your collection needs.

  • We will earn your trust and respect one collection at a time. Give us a chance and we will prove to you that we are the best at what we do and take pride in our success.

  • Our clients will never be charged extra for skip tracing or the first letter to the debtor from our attorney. You will not be charged our legal fee rate until an assignment is requested to proceed with legal action.

  • We built our business on hard work and great customer service. 
  • Every business like yours is unique and we will meet your special needs through our personal service – that’s what makes us as unique as you! 
  • We successfully serve many types and sizes of businesses because we use the same proven methods of collections with all debtors. 
  • With our dedicated personal service, you can focus on your customers, not collections. 
  • When you call us, expect a live person to field your questions and help in any way we can. 
  • You will receive prompt acknowledgement on all account placements and returned checks received in our office.
  • We are able to collect in all states and Canada through our affiliated agencies when needed. 
Focus on your customers; we’ll do the collections.

Focus on your customers; we’ll do the collections.

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